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Premier Tours & Travel’s Commitment to Delivering a Safe Experience

In the interest of our clients’ well-being and to help re-establish confidence in travel, Premier Tours & Travel has enhanced its tour development and implementation protocol for our custom small Group Experiences and Expertly Done Travel Series tours. Our enhanced protocol is in keeping with the Safe Travels guidelines of the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Tour Development

  • Maintain a maximum of 20 passengers on our Small Group Experiences and Expertly Done Travel Series tours (according to each tour’s description).
  • Leverage local travel partners/suppliers (e.g., hotels, Destination Management Companies, incoming tour providers) that are likeminded in the commitment to our clients’ health and safety, such as by following the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safe Travels protocols for enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning best practices and demonstrating same.
  • Employ daily maid service while in a villa/chateau to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects, surfaces, and spaces.
  • Provide larger or multiple motor coaches/vehicles so guests will have more space between; employ no-rotation policy for each day’s tour; mandate high-touch surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • Employ 1-2 guides per experience (as applicable) based on local requirements in accordance with the number of clients, e.g., 1 guide for every 10 clients.
  • Private experiences with prearranged entry to avoid standing in line with other non-Premier Tours & Travel passengers.
  • Small-group seating will be employed at the villa/chateau and in restaurants, as applicable, throughout the tour.
  • Provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), e.g., mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, for the Expert Host and other trained kitchen staff at the villa/chateau.
  • Limit meal preparation to the Expert Host and/or other trained kitchen staff until such time as guidelines and restrictions from The World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) have been relaxed.
  • Assist clients with securing travel insurance (medical coverage at a minimum; with emergency repatriation coverage preferable).

Tour Implementation

  • Stay informed about current guidelines from WHO and CDC about COVID-19.
  • Provide up-to-date information about local COVID-19 activity from public health officials for the destinations to which we are traveling.
  • Maintain a list of local organizations to contact in case we need access to information, healthcare services, support, and resources while on tour.
  • Request an emergency contact list for each client in advance of traveling.
  • Request that each client traveling confirm he/she is healthy to do so at the time of departure. If a client exhibits symptoms as defined by the CDC, he/she should assume it may be COVID-19. We request that if a client thinks he/she may have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or is exhibiting similar symptoms, he/she contacts a healthcare provider immediately. If the client contracts COVID-19 within 0-15 days of departure, he/she must notify Premier Tours & Travel to initiate cancellation.
  • Request that each client provide his/her own PPE, e.g., masks, hand sanitizer.
  • Request clients employ everyday preventative actions while on tour, including but not limited to:
    • Washing hands frequently.
    • Utilizing personal and Premier-provided PPE frequently.
    • Wearing a face mask when out in public based on local government requirements, and in the villa/chateau at your own discretion.
    • Respect personal space throughout the tour.
  • Daily no-touch temperature monitoring* of the clients and staff on the tour. This will be administered by the tour director on a daily basis and must be agreed to in advance by each client.

*If any client or Premier Tours & Travel staff traveling on a small Group Experience or Expertly Done Travel Series tour presents symptoms of COVID-19 as set forth by the CDC post departure, Premier Tours & Travel will assist the client in finding immediate medical assistance and retains the right to transfer the client to alternative accommodations apart from the tour at the client’s expense (or via the client’s travel insurance policy.)