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Premier Tours & Travel is an award-winning travel agency for leisure, luxury, and business travel worldwide. Our travel consultants are dedicated to evaluating your travel needs and expectations, and to designing an itinerary that ensures a premier experience of a lifetime.

Our seasoned travel consultants have lived and traveled all over the world, and they love nothing more than to pass their first-hand knowledge and experiences on to our clients. We will happily book any travel you desire, but our specialty is designing one-of-a-kind premier experiences you will not find anywhere else.

Through our close relationships with some of the world's best hotels, private villas, cruise lines, incoming tour agencies, and transportation providers, we curate seamless itineraries that allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip. Call us to book your premier experience today, and don't forget to ask about our Premier Small Group Experiences and our exclusive Expertly Done Travel Series

Premier Tours & Travel Team

President & Senior Travel Consultant

Highlights About Maria

How long have you been a travel consultant? As of 2019, I have been a travel consultant for 34 years this year.

Where do you like to travel? I like to travel anywhere and everywhere. I like challenges, interesting holidays, hands on experiences and active vacations. I like vacations with rugged terrains, clear water and mountains. Also, I like destination with cooler weather. A good description would be countries like Switzerland for their hikes, England and Ireland for their cooler weather and walking itineraries, Northern Spain for their food, the Balearic Islands for their outdoor living, great food, hiking and classic life styles. I also enjoy visiting cities – Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, small boutique hotels, and a great bistro with ambiance and a good bar.

What is your most memorable vacation? Walking Hadrian’s Wall was a challenge and great experience, but I would have to say the Island of Palma de Mallorca – Deia it keeps calling me back over and over again!

Why should someone choose Premier Tours & Travel? Staff dedication, perseverance, years of personal experiences, certified agents -- and most importantly -- we care about our clients and their travel needs.

, Senior Travel Consultant

Highlights About Dieter

How long have you been a travel consultant? I have been a travel consultant for more than half of my life at this point. It's in my blood.

What is your most memorable vacation? I've had lots of great trips with lots of great memories. Going on safari in South Africa was a great trip; visiting Australia was a great trip; visiting the Christmas Markets in Munich and Salzberg was a great trip; and getting married in New York City was a great trip. The list just goes on and on!

Why should someone choose Premier Tours & Travel? In this age of booking vacations online, I think our clients like the fact that they can stop by our office and sit in front of an actual travel professional. We offer personalized service, which you won't get booking online. Because we build a relationship with our clients, many of them will stop by simply to chit chat -- and you definitely can't do that online.

, Travel Consultant

Highlights About Judy

How long have you been a travel consultant? I have been in the travel business for more than 10 years.

Where do you like to travel? My favorite place to travel is Tuscany, Italy and have traveled there 4 times. I have escorted several groups and have stayed at several beautiful Villas.The first trip I ever took was an European Tour of England, France, Germany,Switzerland and the British Isles.

What are the most important things you must have when you travel? The four things that I always travel with are: A valid passport, credit cards, travel insurance, and and empty suitcase for shopping.

Why should someone choose Premier Tours & Travel? As a travel agent, I just love planning unique experiences and researching the various destinations and escorting groups to ensure their experience surpasses their expectations. In my opinion, at Premier Tours & Travel every effort is made each and every time to provide the the most unique experiences and create an itinerary that fulfills each clients vision of their anticipated travel.

, Marketing & New Business Development / Travel Consultant

Highlights About Kelly

How long have you been a travel consultant? I've been creating unique travel itineraries for family and friends since I got the travel bug as a teenager. It is only recently that I have been blessed to merge my personal passion with my profession.

What did you do before travel consulting? I spent the majority of my career in marketing and communications, creating, managing and protecting the brands of companies in an effort to grow their business. It was in the last four years that the proverbial door closed and a window flew wide open ... and I immediately leapt through it. I was invited to leverage my writing skills as a luxury travel writer for a private, coffee table magazine, International Opulence, and more recently as travel editor for Eloquence magazine. The travel assignments I have had and the feature stories I have written have enabled me to hone my travel curating and planning skills to help Premier offer a broader array of bespoke tours.

Why should someone chose Premier Tours & Travel? In the time I have been at Premier, I have observed the secret to their success: Incredible client service. No matter the request, no matter the challenge, no matter the issue, the travel consultants at Premier make it their top priority to plan it, overcome it, and/or address it to the client's liking. In my opinion, the reputation they have amongst their clients and the community is without compare. Their clients come back time and again, referring their friends and family along the way -- nothing is better than that to attest to the premier experiences being created by Premier Tours & Travel.

Katy Ladew, Travel Consultant

Highlights About Katy

How long have you been a travel consultant? I have been a travel consultant for almost 20 years now.

Where do you like to travel? Mostly going home to Switzerland. I also love Austria and the hikes there.

What are your favorite hobbies? I love to hike and work with dogs at an animal shelter.

What is your most memorable vacation? Taking a boat by ourselves down the canals in France. Also, I had a great summer holiday on the West Coast of Ireland. I highly recomend them both!

Why should someone choose Premier Tours & Travel? Premier offers clients personal,friendly assistance with knowledgeable staff that has done lots of traveling.